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If you ask a New England horse person to name a good locally manufactured horse trailer, odds are the name will invariably be Kingston. Kingston Trailer has a wide spread reputation for manufacturing a top of the line quality vehicle. The company is located in Kingston, Massachusetts, a small town just south of Boston.

The company was founded by Joseph Lanoue, a former employee of General Dynamics. Joseph got into the business of making horse trailers almost by accident. Years ago, he set out to build his first trailer, which he constructed entirely out of wood. He sold the trailer for the grand sum of fifty dollars, and immediately started work on a second trailer. Local demand for reliable horse trailers was great and it was not long before the Kingston Trailer Company was born.

Today, Kingston Trailers supports many local employees and supplies trailers to numerous dealerships. Although Kingston Trailer's market is primarily in the Northeast; demand for “Kingstons” has spread as far south as Florida and as far west as Chicago. Each year, the company manufactures and sells their elite, well sought after trailers which are available in several different models.

Over the last four decades, Kingston engineers have constantly updated and improved the trailers. The biggest change that Kingston has made is switching from an all steel trailer to a steel frame trailer with an aluminum skin to an all aluminum trailer. The primary advantage that aluminum has over steel is resistance to rust and corrosion. While one would expect to have to repaint and refurbish a steel trailer after as little as five years; aluminum trailers are, at least basically maintenance free. Kingston added aluminum skin trailers to its line in 1988 and stopped making steel trailers altogether two years later.

“After four years of using aluminum, we decided that this was the way to go”, explained Ed Smith, Kingston's General Manager. The changeover to aluminum trailers was partially spurred by difficulties in the steel industry. During the early eighties, steel regulations and import restrictions were relaxed, and it became increasingly difficult to obtain durable, corrosion resistant steel. As a result, steel trailers were almost as expensive to manufacture as aluminum trailers. “We looked at the cost, we looked at the customer satisfaction, and ultimately we decided that the customer would be better served with aluminum”, said Smith.

The aluminum comes to Kingston in large, flat sheets, which are available in two standard baked enamel factory finishes; the first white, and the second silver. The aluminum which Kingston uses is very similar to that used in the construction of truck bodies, and is the thickest in the horse trailer industry. Thicker, stiffer aluminum is more suited to horse trailers than the so called “aircraft aluminum” that many trailer companies advertise; because “aircraft aluminum” is made to bend and flex in the wind. A horse trailer with sides that bend is not going to ride as quietly as a trailer with stiffer walls, especially if those flexible walls are attached to a relatively inflexible steel frame.

Construction begins with the an all aluminum frame which is the “heart” of the trailer. The chassis is reinforced with heavy cross-bars every 30 inches to minimize strain on floor boards.

The body of the trailer is made up of an aluminum skeleton which is welded together and attached to the chassis. After the base frame is assembled and welded together, all of the aluminum welds are wire-brushed and inspected.  Extra attention guarantees that the trailer will have no unexpected sharp edges.

Before the application of the aluminum “skin”, all of the surfaces which will come into contact with the "skin" are covered with a high density foam tape.

The tape, which the Kingston technicians apply to the trailer frame, has adhesive on both sides, and offers the added benefit of strongly bonding the aluminum to the frame by itself, even on the curved parts of the trailer. The skin is further attached to the frame with rivets, and the result is a quiet, quality ride.

To further understand Kingston Trailers strong commitment to quality it is important to note that the strong, durable, aluminum frame is manufactured to withstand the roughest road conditions and features drip holes in all strategic places to allow any water to run out of the aluminum tubing and help prevent moisture build up. A 2” x 2” heavy wall of tubing runs horizontally in the stall area four feet from the floor to help withstand a side impact accident or rollover and helps keep the horse safely in its stall.

Over the past three decades, Kingston Trailers, takes pride in the reputation it has developed for building one of the best trailers on the market today. They are well known for the quality and attention to detail that goes into each of their trailers. As we move forward, Kingston will continue to update its line of trailers, and the company looks forward to continued expansion.


High Quality, Great Features... Every Step of the way, a Kingston!
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