July 2018

Located in Kingston, MA, Kingston Trailers has a reputation for manufacturing top of the line quality vehicles. Kingston Trailers supplies trailers to numerous dealerships, and although their market is primarily the Northeast, demand for “Kingstons” has spread as far south as Florida and as far west as Chicago. Each year, the company manufactures and sells their elite, sought after trailers, which are available in several different models.

  Kingston engineers consistently update and improve their line of trailers. The aluminum Kingston uses is similar to that used in the construction of truck bodies, and is the thickest available in the horse trailer industry. This thickness helps to reduce or eliminate bending and flexing caused by wind. A horse trailer with sides that bend is not going to ride as quietly as a trailer with stiffer walls, especially if those flexible walls are attached to a relatively inflexible frame. Construction begins with an all-aluminum frame and chassis that is reinforced with heavy cross-bars to minimize strain on floor boards. All surfaces which will come into contact with the skin are covered with a high-density, foam using double-sided adhesive tape for the added benefit of strongly bonding the aluminum to the frame. The skin is further attached to the frame with rivets, resulting in a quiet, quality ride.

It is important to note that a strong, durable, aluminum frame is manufactured to withstand the roughest road conditions, and features strategic drip holes to allow water to run out of the aluminum tubing and help prevent moisture build up. A two-inch by two-inch heavy wall of tubing runs horizontally in the stall area four feet from the floor to help withstand a side impact accident or rollover. For more information view our gallery.

November 2017

Kingston Trailers continues to put new dealers in key areas of the country in order to help the continued growth of our New England based horse trailer company.

This month we are excited to add Yered Trailers in Medfield, Massachusetts to our valued dealer network.

September 2017

Kingston Trailers continues to put new dealers in key areas of the country in order to help the continued growth of our New England based horse trailer company.

We are excited to have recently added five new dealers within the past few months:

  • Coast to Coast Truck and Trailers, Ocala, Florida
  • Gass Horse Supply & Western Wear, Orono, Maine
  • Carrs Trailers & Supplies, Muncy, Pennsylvania
  • Corinthian Stables, Fairview, Pennsylvania
  • Hitch n Tow, Hodges, South Carolina

These are areas that have not seen the Kingston Brand offered locally for many years. The dealer expansion program initiated by Kingston Trailers at the beginning of 2017 has already contributed to Kingston's bottom line as business continues to increase in many key areas of the country.

According to Ed Smith, Kingston's General Manager, “It's important for Kingston to expand its visibility in areas that haven't had the opportunity to easily acquire the Kingston Brand from their local suppliers”.

The expansion of the dealer network is also important in order to ensure our commitment to our valuable existing dealers. Kingston not only manufactures high quality horse trailers for the “Long Haul”; we've also made a commitment to continue the growth of our business in order to support our existing dealer network for the “Long Haul”!

We're listening to a customer base that wants to own the Kingston Brand and wish to ensure you that we are committed to developing a network of dealers to service those valuable customers.

Kingston... dedicated to creating the best all aluminum horse trailer in the industry and committed to the uncompromising safety and quality in every trailer we build. For details on each dealer, please see our dealer listing page or call Kingston Trailers 800-504-3088, 781-585-4337, Fax: 781-585-7135, or email:

One Thing You Should Know When Buying Your Next Horse Trailer

Maya Angelou once said, "When we know better, we do better". That's true of everything in life even when building horse trailers.  Our industry is constantly evolving to provide our customers and their horses with the safest, most comfortable and secure ride possible.

One of the industry's greatest advancements and one we are proud of at Kingston Trailers is the current aluminum structures we now build. The aluminum frames and siding have lightened up our trailers overall weight while providing more strength and stability on the road.

The horse trailer industry did have an important learning curve however and that was to NOT use aluminum in the construction of the flooring. Kingston Trailers never employed aluminum in our flooring and for good reason, it is unsafe.  The acidity in horse urine will overtime eat into and corrode the aluminum causing it to weaken and eventually could allow a horse to actually fall through. It was also found that aluminum transfers heat and raises the temperature within the horse trailer. The heat from the asphalt on the roadways was being conducted into the horse stalls.

Kingston Trailer's has always used pressure treated wood as the flooring base. The wooden floors do not conduct heat from the road, keeping the heat build up in the trailer to a minimum while providing for better drainage. Water and Urine can easily drain through the spaces between the floor boards preventing rotting from occurring. The softness of the wood flooring is better for the horse's feet and legs allowing for a more stable, quieter and softer ride.

The wooden flooring absorbs the vibration of the trailers movements much better than aluminum and can also insulate the floor from the cold more efficiently. 

Considering all of the pluses of pressure treated wood flooring versus all of the negatives that an aluminum floor has to offer; you can see why Kingston Trailers has always opted for the wooden floor and you should too!






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