"I just wanted to write you and let you know what a great company you are!!!
I bought my first Kingston trailer in 1978. Used it for over 10 years, sold it for almost what I paid for it then bought a Kingston 2 horse steel with aluminum skin. 10 years later traded it for a custom Kingston with 2 extra feet . Again it served me well for the next 10 years. Traded it and purchased a Hawk trailer and within one year I had a lot of problems. 

I got rid of the Hawk and purchased another Kingston. As always the quality was way better and I am a Kingston owner again and glad to be. I want to thank you all for having such a great company and above all taking care of your customers."


Charlotte R
Lovell, ME

"Your Trailer Saved My Horses' Lives!!!
Dear Kingston Trailer,

Yesterday I was trailing my horses and a speeding car ran a stop sign. It hit me so hard that the trailer and truck were lifted in the air and pushed 50 feet. I only had minor injuries and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. My trailer was completely totaled, and also the car that hit it was demolished. But thanks to your quality, both my horses were ok.

I just wanted to thank you and I will be buying another one of your trailers once I get my check from the insurance company. I do believe if I had a lesser quality trailer,my horses would not have made it.

Thank you again,

Sarah N
Plymouth, MA

"The following testimonials were taken from a post on Connecticut Trailers and Powersports in Bolton. CT.

"Love My Kingston!
Dear Kingston Trailer,

Have loved my Kingston – BP,2 horse, no DR – which I bought in 1998. It tows beautifully with my F250, full or partial load. While I use it infrequently, it has retained it’s ‘ready-to-go’, solid, reliable and secure. It is easy to handle. I would buy another if I had to, in a flash. -Boosma47

"Hig Quality Trailers for Over 30 Years

Kingston is made in MA and has been making high quality trailers for over 30 years. I had a BP that was going strong at age 20 when I sold it to upgrade to a GN. The company is great to deal with if you need a part, and there are several dealerships around if you need service. If it makes you feel better, take it to like an RV place (Outdoor world in Concord works on mine) to have it gone over for rust/floorboards etc, but they have a great reputation and their GN is a very nice trailer – a friend has one she loves, and another friend has the basic BP and she’s very happy with it. The family that bought my old one is also happy with theirs -Hillary em>

"Kingston! Well Made and Solid!

I have found them to be very well made, solid trailers. You don’t see them being sold everywhere since the company only allows so many authorized sellers per area. I often had the use of a 2003 Kingston bumper pull before moving south. I remember the ramp being very easy to lift, of solid construction, and all of the closures for windows, doors, etc were user friendly. It was also very light and airy (ie welcoming) for the horse and easy to pull for the driver. They also hold their value very well if you ever needed to resell. -LexusBoBexusem>

"30 Years Old and Still Safe!

My trailer is a 1980 Kingston bumper pull. I will be its last owner – but it’s also thirty years old and still safe and sound with (expected) maintenance. I’ll keep it for years yet. I board not far from where the company is located in Kingston, MA, and most of the trailers at my barn are Kingstons. We’ve all been very happy with them. Nothing flashy, but a good, solid, dependable trailer. -Kerlinem>

"I've Never Had a Problem with My Kingston!

I love my Kingston! This one I bought new-it’s a 2001 and I’ve never had a problem with it (knocking wood just in case!). The Kingston I owned before was about 20 years old when I sold it and was still in great shape. They are solid, well built trailers. -Mkeventem>

"I've Owned Four Kingston Trailers Over the Last 30 Years!

I’ve owned four Kingston trailers over the past 30 years, all of them bumper pulls ranging from 25 to 5 years old. I have been nothing but happy with all of them and resold three for close to what I paid for them. I actually moved cross country with my current one, a two horse dartmouth, and it handled great. -Pippa553em>

"Love My Kingston Bumper Pull!

love my Kingston bumper pull. It is a 1990. I bought it a few years ago and had a major over-haul done. They are wonderful trailers, and horses seem to love them. Ironically, before I got my Kingston, a friend with a Hawk was hauling me, and my horse hated that trailer. He was often tough to load into it. He loves his Kingston! -IFGem>


High Quality, Great Features... Every Step of the way, a Kingston!
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